Review : Thinning The Herd by Adrian Phoenix



Publisher: Pocket
Publishing Date: January 2016
Genre : Fantasy
Rating : 3.5/5

Publisher  Description : Someone is picking off fortune tellers and hippies in Oregon, snatching them out of their Birkenstocks mid-stride. And when the legend himself, Hal Rupert, Animal Control Officer, gets a whiff of the mystery, he knows he’s the man to solve it. In between proudly wrangling out-of-control cats and dogs, he’s noticed a peculiar uptick in another sort of animal…werewolves.

Review : That cover is hideous and should be burned before it injures somebody.

Hal (the hero) read like Ash Williams in Army of Darkness where he has a grandiose idea of who he his and backs it up.  With his cat and wolf shifting friends and his would be love, Goth Girl, Desmedona they take on a supernatural threat to the people of Eugene/Springfield.

I had a good time reading this. The characters were well built and developed well with the story line. Definitely not to be taken seriously as it is fairly glib and at times has very pointed humor. Note to author: A handguns trigger is not cocked, the hammer is.

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