Review: Fallen Thrones Book I: The Last Elect by W.A. Williams



Publisher: Smith

Publishing Date: October 2015


Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 2.8/5

Publishers Description: Fallen Thrones is a coming-of-age story about sixteen-year-old Aeldan, who is suddenly thrust from his quiet life and onto a quest to reclaim the mysterious gifts of the Bestowal, restoring the fallen thrones. Along the way, he learns he is the last elect and destined to wield a Valic-aren blade; a gift of the Bestowal—the only one remaining not in an evil tyrant’s control.

Review: Cover art is ghastly.

Up to a point, this was pretty good. Great movement that built well defined characters that grew along with the story line. Aeldan is speshul but not so much that you come to despise him. He is flawed, injured and oftentimes a big dummy. He’s not overtly dependent on anyone and seems to be growing into himself as life hurls shjt at him. The supporting characters are well built as well and reside within a pretty good world that is built in fine descriptive.

“So why you no give 5 stars!!”. About mid-way through the novel the dialogue begins to get a bit stilted and relies on phrasing to expedite much of the scenes. What really becomes an issue is the overuse of exclamation points to facilitate dialogue without having to build scene structure to implement emotional passages. It started to read like a Matthew Reilly novel where every! sentence! ends! in an exclamation point! Where these exclamation points are placed never jibed with the dialogue.

Not sure if this had the opportunity to be Beta read or adequately edited.  I am inclined to give part two a chance based on the story line and evident talent. Should the same mistakes appear I won’t continue on with this series.


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