Review: Soul Warrior by Falguni Kothari



Publisher: Falguni Kathari

Publishing Date: November 2015

ISBN: 9781944048013

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 2.5/5

Publishers Description: On a muggy October morning, as Lord Karna peruses the Times of India on his iPad in his uber-protected Mumbai abode, he hardly expects an unannounced visit from the Gods, much less the cataclysmic tidings they bring him. By noon, Karna is saddled with the task of honing six delinquent godlings into demon hunters like himself—divine warriors duty-bound to rid the Human Realm of all evil asuras or demons.

 Review: Uh oh, speshul alert. Yahvi, Lord Karna’s daughter is at once; cute, meek, shy, bold, blushing, has bouts of low self-esteem, nervous (throws up) and can end the universe/cosmos/whatever. Besides this Debbie-Downer of a character, we have Qalli’s, mother to Yahnie whom is conflicted in her lust/love/hate for Lord Karna and exhibits a cloying over-protectiveness for her daughters. The Gods have sent six of her daughters to be trained by Lord Karna as demon hunters and of course they are all hotter than a half fugged fox in a February forest fire. So hot in fact, that they cause males to riot for the chance to be near them.

This novel had a lot going on with a multitude of entities colliding with our hero(s). The world building and scene development was superb and while the writing was good there were enough grammatical errors to shift a review to the low-side.  For once I used some restraint and chalked the errors up to the editors. There were some phrasing issues as well to expedite scene development and some lengthy dialogue in places. This could have been a fantastic epic if Qalli’s character were re-written. The implied criminal intent was never evident and the constant mother hen/sex kitten crap wore me out.

This author deserves some proper editing and solid Beta reads to showcase a solid talent. Too bad this fell way short with an overdone characterization.  





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