Review: Jail For The Damned by TS Mercer




Publisher: Venture

Publishing Date: December 2015

ISBN: 9781519550828

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 2.3/5


Publishers Description: Your world can change in the blink of an eye. Newton Supermax, a corrupt and expansive city prison set way out in the desert, is Hell on Earth. Its streets and crumbling buildings are the refuge of the world’s rejects. Outside the walls, a vast, anonymous desert teems and crawls with a host of crazies, searching wildly for only one thing: food. And those prisoners unlucky enough to find themselves trapped inside Newton Supermax are prime prey. 

 Review: “Who run Bartertown?”. Well in this case Mogul does, only it is a self-sufficient super-max (Max?) prison in the middle of nowhere with young hot chicks and ripply ab men walking around with insta-love on their minds. Lets not forget the hoards of serial killers that reside outside of the prison along with the native Brute Boys that wage constant war on the inmates.

Claudi Drive is a new prisoner and quickly falls in insta-love with a handsome douche and suddenly has the interest of Newtons leader, Mogul (Humongous?). In this twisted love triangle the odd person out is the super hot priestess K’Leon (Aunty?) whom wants to ultimately rule Newton by herself. What follows is rioting, bloodletting and an escape to nowhere.

I liked the premise of this novel and the story line, while jumbled, was pretty good underneath the stilted dialogue and scene progression. A few questions come to mind while reading this. 1) In a city of 80k criminals of the worst sort, how is it that Claudi and her hot friends are never raped and/or killed? 2) How do the Dirt people manage to survive the Brute boys on their own? 3) How is it that they can escape to the mountains, not get killed by the Brutes (no one has survived to date) and decide to go back to prison to make life better for everyone there? 4) How can everyone not know where they are when the Brutes scream at them in a foreign language? 5) Is it really believable that rich people on the outside will pay huge amounts of money for serial killer offspring? 6) How can anyone not know what happens to the people sent to trash town and what it looks like?  7) If this is a place for the worst of the worst why are Claudi and her compatriots the only ones with hearts of gold? 8) Does cellophane camouflage really work against snipers? 9) How does a feral native population get sniper rifles? 10) How is a city of such magnitude not self-immolating with violent criminals? 11) Shouldn’t disease be rampant? 

Fix the plot holes and this is an easy 3.5 stars.  

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