Review: Gracie, Dead or Alive by Sofia Gabel



Publisher: Escargot

Publishing Date: September 2015


Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 2.5/5

 Publishers Description: Gracie Daniels has it all. She’s young, pretty, in love and about to graduate from the University of Southern California, but her world is turned upside down when she wakes up, dead, in the morgue. But that’s only the beginning of Gracie’s new undead life. 

 Review: Gracie wakes up and she’s dead only her animator is a ditzy young witch with face piercings. So off to the unbelievable storyline races we go. This started out pretty good but the “Gracie running from here to there from one exploit to the next” made her dumb. The storyline just dragged on and on and on and got even more mundane with the love interest/triangle crap. “Oh, Troy is so hot…..I hate my old boyfriend…….I want to have hot sex with Troy……I love it when Troy is so playful….We just cuddled in the back seat….”. Fug. 

What’s wrong with Gracie having a complete mental collapse under the circumstances and watching her character develop throughout her ordeal? Imbue a sense of reality with her situation rather than being glib ALL THE TIME and tone down the insta-love infatuation? Build her character through her internal struggles to realize a sense of self and move the story line to a successful (or not) resolution? Great idea, poor execution.


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