Review: The Life Engineered by JF Dubeau



Publisher: Inkshares

Publishing Date: March 2016


Genre: SciFi

Rating: 3.2/5

 Publishers Description: JF Dubeau’s debut novel, The Life Engineered begins in the year 3594, where humanity is little more than a memory—a legend of the distant past destined to reappear. Capeks, a race of artificial creatures originally created by humans, have inherited the galaxy and formed a utopian civilization built on the shared goal of tirelessly working to prepare for their makers’ return.

 Review: Reviews on this work are varied. Some liked the storyline while another reviewer said it had visualization issues.  There is, to a degree, a lack of descriptive enterprise where not enough information is imparted to accurately visualize 1) space battles 2) various Capeks 3) reincarnation space 4) galactic travel. These are pretty important themes to the main storyline and ultimately provide elements of a wholly developed character(s).  Because of this it was hard connecting to any of the characters which may be a facet of the robotic genre.  Most of the dialogue was of the internal kind, from Dagir’s perspective. The writing, technically, is very good and will only get better as the storylines are parsed to accommodate considered scene progression.


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