Review: Alternate by Ernie Luis



Publisher: Ernie Luis

Publishing Date: October 2015


Genre: SciFi

Rating: 3.4/5

 Publishers Description: In 2030, he became the most lethal assassin for The Watchtower, a secret organization that uses time travel as a means to bend reality in their favor. If he works for them long enough, he’ll get to go back and save his daughter. Or so they say… 

 Review: An interesting take on time travel that involved discrete time periods and a bleak future for mankind. The internal dialogue was a bit lengthy at times and the muddling over life’s regrets and subsequent self-recriminations tended to detract from the movement. The pivotal moments in the assassins life help explain why they are mere tattered remnants of a better self impacted long ago. It is a backwards way of building a character and there were too many gaps in the characters development to impart any sympathetic identity with the reader (me). The idea that a former Special Forces operative can get beat up by a girl is ridiculous as are the repeated tactical errors.

What I liked was the creative world building, and when not mired in self-ruminative dialogue, the movement was really good. The writing, technically, was excellent and flowed nicely. A solid read that would make a good TV series.

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