Review: Dream Bender by Ronald Kidd



Publisher: Albert Whitman

Publishing Date: March 2016


Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 1.4/5

Publishers Description: Everyone in the City is assigned a job by the choosers–keeper, catcher, computer. Callie Crawford is a computer. She works with numbers: putting them together, taking them apart. Her work is important, but sometimes she wants more. Jeremy Finn is a dreambender. His job is to adjust people’s dreams. He and others like him quietly remove thoughts of music and art to keep the people in the City from becoming too focused on themselves and their own feelings rather than on the world. They need to keep the world safe from another Warming.

Review: Oh wow, that cover art is really horrific. 

I am really trying to become a kinder and gentler critic due to the fact that I am not a writer and have not put myself out their on the public stage to be scrutinized. I know I would take any criticisms as an assault on my fragile identity and attack with equal severity.

But I do know entertainment value when a novel conjoins all the things that make up an interesting story: Character development that grows with the movement, scene progression, world building etc. etc.  This novel had none of those things and quite frankly was one of the most boring novels I have ever read. It was like wading through a sea of molasses while a cloud of mosquitoes feasts upon your buttocks.  Forget the liberal “global warming” message that not only insults your intelligence but continues on throughout the novel like its an accepted fact. This novel lost me early with insipid dialogue and halting movement.




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