Review: The Borrowed Souls (Soul Collector #1) by Paul Kohler



Publisher: Global

Publishing Date: December 2015


Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 2.5/5

Publishers Description: The afterlife is not at all what Jack Duffy had expected. A failed suicide attempt launches him into a world that continually tests his ability to forgive and forget. With each new soul that he’s entrusted to collect, he learns more about himself and his horrific decisions in life. 

 Review:   I really should like this writer’s novels. Good story lines, strong character development, solid writing……So where does it fall down for me? The novel just drags on and on, with “poor me” dialogue thrown in consistently throughout. I get that Jack lost his wife and that he took a less than noble path as a consequence but to rehash this over and over and over really diminishes the storyline and halts the movement.  Also the idea that your wife is your still your soul mate when she has repeatedly had sex with other men in your own bed is ridiculous.

I still found this entertaining, and I am sure others will find that soul collecting combines the nuances of real life and the unknown into palatable entertainment.





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