Review: A Painted Goddess by Victor Gischler



Publisher: Amazon/47 North

Publishing Date: January 2016

ISBN: 9781503954762

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 3.6/5

Publishers Description: When the gods go to war, who will stand against their divine fury? In the thrilling conclusion to the A Fire Beneath the Skin trilogy, the enchanted kingdom of Helva faces a nightmarish future of endless bloodshed, and Rina Veraiin—a young warrior-duchess armed with mysterious, magical tattoos—must use her fantastic powers to save her home from eternal war.

Review: I had a good time reading this novel. Great characters and scene development. The world building continues with mini-quests by the Lady Wizard, Brasley, Tosh and more cool tattoos. Alem, as usual, is banging all the hot chicks in a sordid love triangle. Why they are drawn to a stable boy is never revealed and will constantly leave you confused.

This was definitely not as good as the first but better than the second. Each mini-adventure the characters undertook was rather abrupt and not as epic as the first novel.  The revelations come too quick to be believable yet were riveting all the same.  There was a death of an important character that left a vacuum when they departed.  Too bad really, as this character could have enhanced this series if it were revisited. The ending is a bit “meh” yet it leaves room for another novel (I hope). Overall a fun read that kept me awake every night.


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