Review: The Death God’s Citadel by Juanita Coulson


Publisher: Venture

Publishing Date: 1980

ISBN: 9780345317896

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 2.5/5

Publishers Description: Alighting in a new land, Tyrus and Erezjan are no strangers to a life of wandering. They have travelled far and wide across the realm of Krantin, descrying regions from afar. Now they find themselves integrated into life in a distant and eccentric new province, Couredh. Before long, it becomes obvious that they will not be able to conceal the true nature of their arrival from the locals for long… 

Review: This started off pretty good. Two travelers on the hunt for an evil wizard, plying the streets of a city looking for clues. And then it goes to crap with the introduction of super speshully Queen Jathelle and super hot/shy/dumb Princess Ilissa. See Queen Jathelle is not only hot, she also fought in the barbarian wars alongside her father when she was just slightly hot, dotes over her dumb sister and crys like a baby when a horse is injured. She can take charge of a tense situation yet can fall into the arms of her bwig stwong wizard when taxed to the brink. Fug. See they have this special bond having just met a few days ago. Riiiiight.  Well it gets dumber. See what would a story be without a blackguard ruffian thief Lord/King that would just as soon stab you in the back than help you out of a jam. But he does (stab them in the back) but helps them realize their goals and is amply rewarded (HA!HA!).  He even has a long mustache that he twirls. Fuuuuug.  There is the standard douche character that seeks to charm the throne from Jathelle while plying dumb Illissa with his manly wiles.

In short, the storyline is still pretty solid as is the world building. The characterization and dialogue is just way too patterned and obvious. Read the first half then drop it in a box and ship it to Seattle.



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