Review: Sanacion III by Mary Louise Davie



Publisher: Brighton

Publishing Date: March 2015


Genre: SciFi

Rating: 1.0/5

Publishers Description: Admiral Steve Jensenn and his crew are back on their deep space vessel, Sanación, laying communications satellites that will keep them connected to their friends on the planet Sana. With thirty-four thousand civilians aboard, they also are seeking a new home, a planet that will give them refuge. They’ve even brought along one of the natives of Sana, a Cicada named Rufus. Life is good onboard Sanación for Steve and his little family-his wife, Lenora, and their adopted daughter, Lucy. But things are about to change. Shocking and unexpected news about Lenora’s health rocks their world. And a secret Steve has been hiding on the ship is finally revealed. Then, what should have been a routine mission to replenish their stores of a much-needed substance called deuterium… …turns into a deadly conflict with an enemy army. The ensuing battle brings about losses they never could have predicted… …with a devastating result that could change the future of Steve’s family and those aboard the ship-forever.

Review: “…..and then one time at Band Camp…”. Wow, quite the description there. Don’t really need to read the book or post spoiler alerts with that forward.

Do I, as a professional reader really want to read about the daily life details and petty interactions of people on a huge spaceship placing satellite arrays here and there in space? Do I care that Steve and Lenora are in love and chit-chat between themselves and smugly discuss their boring lives with others whom most likely could care less. I don’t. 

This novel tried too hard to garner the details of mundane lives that tear at the bounds of narcissism. I mean every iterative detail is beaten into submission before you can move on with the story line. As a consequence this just dragged on and on for me and I was unable to finish.  I know, not real professional but difficult at best  to stay interested in reams of emotive dialogue. 


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