Review: The Courier by Gerald Brandt



Publisher: Berkley

Publishing Date: March 2016

ISBN: 9780756411398

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 2.2/5

Publishers Description: Kris Ballard is a motorcycle courier.  A nobody.  Level 2 trash in a multi-level city that stretches from San Francisco to the Mexican border—a land where corporations make all the rules.  A runaway since the age of fourteen, Kris struggled to set up her life, barely scraping by, working hard to make it without anyone’s help. 

Review: This was boring with a capital ‘B’. Good writing, poor character development, stunted movement and page after page of internal dialogue. The storyline just didn’t pull me in I think in part to the lack of descriptive detail. What does a multi-level city look like that spans the breadth of California? The only thing I could visualize is one huge multi-level parking garage which is well, boring. At regular intervals Kris reminds us that she needs a new back tire as the threads are showing through. Then all of a sudden she is griping about her knobby tires not providing good grip when cornering on pavement. Its the little things. 

Even outlandish SciFi can be believable as it transports you to an alternate reality with purposeful world building that is revealed through concise movement. Sorry to say this had none of that and left me wondering what this could have been with some minor tweaking. Great idea, poor execution.



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