Review: Burt Holmes, P.I. by A.M. Roelke





Publisher: AM Roelke

Publishing Date: January 2016

ISBN: 9781523666867

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 4.4/5

Publishers Description: Burt Holmes used to be a cop on Perseus space station, a place known for its docks and jails. Now he’s a private eye who knows his own flaws all too well … and has gaps in his memory. Burt was kicked off the force for killing someone, though he can’t remember it. Nowadays he usually handles divorce cases. 

Review: A SciFi noir novel more on the cynicism side with a dose of moral ambiguity and fatalism thrown in. Burt Holmes P.I. has a checkered past, a damsel in distress and a few mysteries that make up one big conspiracy.

This novel had really great character development and a SciFi storyline you can get real comfortable with. The world building could have expanded beyond Perseus but did not diminish the novel in any significant way. The crazies are many and the pychos pointedly evil. A good ride that needs to continue.


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