Review: Child of Space by EC Tubb and Philip Harbottle



Publisher: Venture Press

Publishing Date: March 2016


Genre: SciFi

Rating: 1.4/5

Publishers Description: In an underground hall, gouged out of the lunar rock, the scientists at Moonbase One have created a miniature section of Earth. A home away from home for the scientists and workers living on the Lunar planet. Commander Mark Regan watches carefully over his people, maintaining a good rhythm within their new ecosystem. However, when a strange object from outer space shows up on their scans, it threatens to destroy the whole base and their hard won way of life. The object is heading towards the moon on a collision course.

Review: What is truly amazing about this novel is that it took 2 people to write it. The novel is definitely formulaic where you have old Dr. Genius Douchebag, tough commander Regan, Nurse Chapel er…Elna and a hideous threat to their moon station that could have read like any space horror that’s been done. What comes to mind is Star Trek’s, “The Man Trap”, only this alien sucks blood.

Besides the pages and pages of endless dialogue you have characters that are built like idiot douchebags that just couldn’t possibly be smart enough to qualify for a moonbase assignment. Everyone listens to Professor Boardman, even when he is obviously wrong on successive occasions. First he convinces the commander not to blow up the incoming alien artifact because he wants to learn from it. Then they find seeds scattered about the surface of the moon and he wants to cultivate them INSIDE THE STATION. Huh?

Well I guess you have to have a story line at some point but at least make it believable. Like, I dunno maybe the storyline should have gone like this: Incoming alien artifact is blipped but recognized as non-threatening. Before impact it shears in space and seedlings are targeted for the station. Everyone is ok but peeps are sent outside to assess the damage and one of them finds the seeds scattered about. Thinking it is just a geode the peep takes it into his quarters……….

The dialogue halts the movement to the point where your left flipping through chapters to get at some meat cause the bone aint enough. The ending is fooking ridiculous and imparts no wisdom or revelatory insight.


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