Review: World of Water by James Lovegrove



Publisher: Rebellion

Publishing Date: March 2016


Genre: SciFi


Publishers Description: Special agents like Dev Harmer, grievously injured military veteran whose only hope for salvation is to travel from world to world as a professional troubleshooter, his brain patterns beamed into cloned host bodies, until he has earned enough credit to return home and be restored to full health.

Review: The idea that brain patterns can be beamed into cloned bodies is great, as it opens up alien interactions and cultures while creating a great platform for world building. The movement was constant with threatening alien life forms and militaristic interventions. 

The novel was a bit weak on justifying (scientifically) how a once frozen solid planet is now completely covered in water and supports a profundity of life. Captain Maddoxs’ character as well as some of his marines came off more “Marvel Comic” than true to life. There was quite a bit of spelling and grammatical errors which didn’t detract from the novel too much. Additionally the Commlink conversations were annoying as there were no breaks to indicate who was speaking; and when conversing with the alien Tritonian’s, the font changed to this weird unreadable glyph

In its entirety, this was a fun, fast paced read that leaves me wanting (strangely) more.



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