Review: Blink by Will Swardstrom



Publisher: Pew Pew

Publishing Date: February 2016


Genre: Fantasy

Rating: DNF

Publishers Description: Agent Smith and the agents of The Utility Company are tasked with the jobs too weird or too strange for other law enforcement agencies. When portals start opening up all around the country from an alternate universe, it’s up to Smith to not only figure out what’s happening, but to put a stop to it. 

Review: This was pretty fun for the first few pages. Then the mirror/portal event shows up in the story line and it is back and forth with the dam mirrors and the pages of internal dialogue.  “What is wrong with me……….its something about those mirrors…….I saw myself blink…….I have to change the mirror…..”.  Now everyone is portal focused and the story line begins to stagnate .  What little movement there is rendered even flatter with the lack of character development.

Besides the obvious shortcomings mentioned, the novel just failed to capture my imagination and I was left flipping the pages to find some sense of the surreal. The cover art doesn’t help either.


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