Review: Takers by Ann Swan



Publisher: Ann Swan

Publishing Date: March 2016


Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 3.4/5

Publishers Description: When the cosmic fabric separating the dimensions rips open and spits the inhabitants of Purgatory into his hometown, Jack just happens to be below ground, in his school’s basement. It’s the only thing that saves him. The initial rip is so forceful it kills everything above ground, and then the soulless creatures from Purgatory prey on the survivors as they creep out of hiding. Eventually Jack stumbles across a deaf pit bull named Snake. Together they make their way to a safe house in New Mexico. It’s where they will make their final stand. 

Review: I am a bit conflicted about this novel. An interesting story line with good movement that gradually developed the characters through transforming events.  Taken individually, Jack is/was annoying as hell. The reiteration of music, specifically Kansas’ ‘Carry On Wayward Son”, playing in his head that seemingly saves and guides him was repetitive to the point of disgust. Its a big story line crutch that conveniently replaces Deus Ex as a plausible event generator. Can you say “Contrived plot device?”. Still, the supporting characters were interesting and well built, mainly because they didn’t have song artifacts in quotations every time they spoke. There were some minor fails with scene descriptions like boots crunching cigarettes when they were wearing running shoes and an all wheel drive Chrysler 300 that suddenly spins its tires in critical situations. 

I was still engaged throughout the novel and the finite descriptions in each scene lent a broader emotional tapestry to the story line. Usually this slows the movement but was rendered as an effect of the causal action. I am curious to see what the next novel in the series involves as there are some questions not easily answered about the End Game. I rated this a 4 star experience with a half star deduction for dumb Jack and his plot device.


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