Review: Caly’s Island by Dick Herman



Publisher: Venture

Publishing Date: March 2016


Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 2.4/5

Publishers Description: Six skilled retirees are meeting up for a sailing trip, a break from their action-packed former lives. These aging giants, calling themselves the ‘freakin’ old guys’ are hard-working leaders in their respective fields and have a menagerie of skills to show for it. 

Review: This was pretty smug from the get-go. Six, 70+ year olds that just happen to have AMAZING SKILLS! One has a dark past (CIA hint hint) and chases down a juvenile thug because……..HE WAS A GOLD MEDALIST RUNNER IN THE SENIOR OLYMPICS. Not only does he chase down the thief but roughs him up as he is such a badass. “Riiiiight” ……(Dr. Evil face). Another sailing douche is a super lawyer that bangs the thief’s hot stepmom cause old guys get boners too?? ….still?? Anyway, there is a super Federal Judge that mediates everything and an accountant on the run from the mafia but has a hot Ukraine assassin protecting him, yada, yada, yada, fog bank time warp……Islands with mystical beings from lore, some more old guy boners and lots of lessons for the punk kid. Yup, they take him with them and turn……him…..into……a……..MAN! These old farts can do anything!

Well without boring you more than I was, the characters were developed poorly. Meaning they were set up as super old guys and were unable to grow with the movement. The movement is not bad but is constantly sabotaged by righteous and indignant behavior. This needed a good dose of hard-boiled noire and less personalities clouding the story line.



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