Review: Assassin Queen by Anna Kashina



Publisher: Angry Robot

Publishing Date: June 2016


Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 1.2/5

Publishers Description: Defeated by the Majat forces, Nimos and the other Kaddim Brothers retreat to their secret fortress in the southern mountains. Nimos knows that the Majat’s victory is only temporary: during the flight, he managed to place a mark on Kara, one of the top-ranked Diamond Majat. His mind magic would now allow him to use this mark to confer her fighting skill to the Kaddim warriors and turn her loyalties to their side.

Review: In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Kara is extra super speshul. Not only can she kick anyone’s ass and yearn for that man-stink that smells like a pine forest but go from kaddim possessed doucheling to QUEEN ALJIHARA!!  See, she has a mark on her neck that just happens to signify she is royalty and…. and she got captured by the usurping queenie and she looks like the twin of her assassinated mom queenie and she was stolen at birth and raised by the assassins guild and…. and one time at band camp.

Besides the stilted prose, wounded story line and juvenile situations our phrasing friends are back to expedite the scenes. “Shiver”, “shivered” and “shivering” down backs and spines (20x) and bodies was used 40x. Blushed, blushed and blushing – 34x and “chilled”, “chill” or “chilling” 18x. There is still this remnant love triangle but Prince d-bag is ok with it now that he got laid in a tent with a gurl. Mai/Kai (cause all the YA novels use Kai as the man hunk) is always looking stern or his eyes go soft or they turn to steel or his manly chiseled chest/crotch has Kara’s head buried in it.  I could go on but refuse to keep thinking about this book

One thought on “Review: Assassin Queen by Anna Kashina

  1. cause all the YA novels use Kai as the man hunk LOL, that’s so true!

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