Review: Dr. Doa by Simon R. Green



Publisher: Berkley

Publishing Date: June 2016


Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 2.1/5

Publishers Description: The name is Drood, Eddie Drood, also known as Shaman Bond. My family has been safeguarding humanity for generations, facing the hidden horrors of the world so you can sleep at night and remain oblivious to the existence of the monstrous nightmares that walk and stalk among us. 

Review: A romp through a world unlike any other. Griffons, animated attack scarecrows made from the hosts of defeated enemies, flying aircraft carriers with alien technology, magic hot chicks and caged Angels are just a few of the extreme additives in this novel.  A little too over-the-top for me and many scenes morphed into trips down memory lane in order to fulfill some backstory requirement. These shifts into the past halted the movement and stunted the character development. 2 meh’s.

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