Review: The Chromosome Game by Christopher Hodder Williams



Publisher: Venture Press

Publishing Date: April 2016


Genre: SciFi

Rating: 2.0/5

Publishers Description: Has the history of mankind been erased forever? Or has earth been abandoned? Whilst others look on, the terrifying aftermath of mortal life in an alternate dimension plays out and a universal order comes to light… Meanwhile, a preserved vision lies in wait. Carefully selected human DNA conserved in gene banks is the only legacy of a disturbing and volatile experiment.  

Review: Just could not get into this novel. Quite a bit of dialogue that goes nowhere with rather poor character development. I didn’t see what another reviewer saw as being a fast paced novel. It was slower than shjt coming out of a constipated rhino. Most English authors really delve into the prose and dialogue of infinite descriptive spew, and has never attracted any willingness on my part to continue reading through to the end. Just my bias.

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