Review: WolfKing by Sarah Rayne



Publisher: Venture

Publishing Date: April 2016

ISBN: 9781533010131

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 2.8/5

Publishers Description: Following the terror of the Apocalypse, life in the community of Tugaim, Ireland is simple – but controlled. Families eek out their meagre livings from the blasted earth, carefully avoiding the forbidden patches of land that still shine with eerie light… Joanna Grady is happy in this community, and has even met Flynn, whom she loves and hopes to be matched to. They dream of Ancient Ireland, a land of magic, royalty and terrible foes.

Review: An epic in story telling wrapped around some fairly well built characters set in ancient and magical Ireland.

spoiler alert:

Joanna is, initially, a pretty good character to follow. She is headstrong, opinionated and never one to stand around when there is doing to be done. Her Dad gives her away so he can have access to a pig farmers lands, and she is subsequently groped and ejaculated upon which drives her escape back to her only friend Flynn. Once she goes through the time veil, Joanna becomes less like her self and is given to bouts of speaking about her predicaments in the third person. She comes off like an out of breath second grader relating the details of events as they unfold.

Of course Joanna is super speshul and the Wolf King wastes no time banging her then later, raping her. But its ok, cause he is so wolfy and can’t help himself. Joanna is passed around like a joint at a frat party, and soon is getting her nether region licked by an insidious witch. While laying there taking it, Joanna beats her to a pulp with a dildo… least I think that’s what it was. Anywaaaay, most of the scenes are rather contrived and lack believability. Especially in that the characters fall for most of the obvious traps which should never have happened in the first place as events unravel. Like how is Joanna able to beat a powerful witch senseless when said witch captures them all and is unable to get hurt when attacked? Dildo power? Still, if you can get into it, the novel was entertaining. With a bit of patience as to the switching points of view (first, third person) you can ferret out the story line and follow it.

5 thoughts on “Review: WolfKing by Sarah Rayne

  1. Beating someone to pulp with a dildo? And I thought I’d seen it all…

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