Review: Argonauts by Kevin Kneupper



Publisher: Book Enthusiast Promotions

Publishing Date: March 2016

ISBN: 9781530820290

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 2.4/5

Publishers Description: Some called her a sorceress, though what she did was science. Medea was a genomancer, a programmer of human genetic code. She could extend someone’s life, turn an ugly duckling into a startling beauty, and cure the most stubborn of diseases. She’d have spent her life helping those who needed it, if only she could have.

Review: A pretty cool story line with a futuristic take on “Jason and the Argonauts”.  In the Greek tale there were 85 crew members of the Argo, whereas in this story there are only Jason, Medea, Idas, Mopsus etc ….and the Gods have been replaced with Artificial Intelligence.

While this was a great take on an ancient mythos, some of the characters really diminished the story line. Take Medea for example. An expert genome manipulator that looks at Jason’s “flashing emerald eyes” and hard abs. She is obviously smitten but we have to wade through her juvenile descriptive tendencies. Additionally there was a lot of backstory to wade through. While Medea is getting tingles in her naughty bits and blushing constantly, Idas is just too way over the top. He has no emotional brakes and it is only his preconceived notions that are most important, especially in crisis situations. Constantly hating someone for an assumed transgression even in the face of innocence did not create the tension desired. It was too overt and was subsequently annoying as it reared its ugly head in every scene. Other modes of excessiveness were the reliance on the “Gods” and sudden insights of clarity. A little too Deus Ex for me. 

Delete dipshjt……er Medea and her love-struck YA persona and you got a great novel.

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