Review: Schism by Britt Holewinski



Publisher: Delirious pixie

Publishing Date:  March 2016

ISBN: 9780988300750

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 1.8/5

Publishers Description: A virus, created by the smartest minds in the United States government, which is meant to target male adults in times of war, is accidentally released before testing is complete. Within weeks six billion people are eliminated from the world. The only survivors are prepubescent children.

Review: The beginning of this novel is “The Andromeda Strain” meets “The Blue Lagoon” where Morgan and Andy are so fucking hot they could be Super-models on a beach….er, their beach in Bermuda. Andy’s Dad was a Doctor (she inherited his skills) and her mom was a first-chair concert cellist. REALLY??? Then everyone dies.

After sailing 600 miles to the mainland because Charlie, Morgan’s brother is a CERTIFIED GENIUS the novel morphs again, reminding you of  “Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdork” meeting “The Hunger Games”. Again, everyone they meet (the oldest people are eighteen) are hotter than a half-fucked foxes and constantly brush their hair back or think longingly of showers and food. So they go here and there, get into scrapes, get out of scrapes and generally behave like retarded hormonal adults (teenagers).

I could go on but time is a fleeting thing not to be wasted. If you like pina colladas, and getting caught in the rain, and the sound of the ocean… this. If not, then run screaming like there are really fast zombies after you and not the slow shuffling, moaning type.



Don’t forget the ever pervasive theme of guns are bad and everyone hates inanimate objects but use them cause they have to. HUH?


Review: Diamond by Tigris Eden



Publisher: Kats Kreative Ideas

Publishing Date: April 2016

ISBN: 9781625177247

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 3.4/5

Publishers Description: Eons ago, the comet Biel passed through Earth’s atmosphere, depositing Travelers and leaving behind remnants that drastically altered the planet and its inhabitants. Hundreds of years later, mutation and evolution have left behind a desolate wasteland and dangers beyond comprehension. 

Review: Our anti-heroine Nadya is on a quest to sell her puss to the highest bidder as she is a virgin warrior living in squalor with no means to save her adopted family. She travels to the Quarry in hopes of securing a sponsor for said puss, because unsullied snapper is the best kind of fish. Nadya has a hidden past that comes through in spurts of ability but doesn’t take over the story-line with super human feats. She is battered and beaten in every sense, and doesn’t remember most of her previous life, only that she owes a debt to those that took her in.

Ah, dystopian where is thy sting? Much of this novel skirted with the romance angle, that many times I almost round filed the whole thing. BUT, it never quite reaches a culmination of active hormones and turns you on your ear as to previous considered outcomes. Whereas all the guys have huge penis’ and all the women are hot I failed to grasp the relevance to the story line. All the sex, voyeurism, violence and depravity failed to capture the dystopian theme mainly because they were so overt and lacked a subtle expertise in order to slowly bring your emotions into play. Its just “Wham Bam” shock type writing that most are immune to.

The world building is very good as is the writing. The supporting cast is fairly one dimensional and much of the scenes lacked logical progression.  Tighten this up and you get an easy 4 stars.  

Review: Silent Hall by NS Dolkart



Publisher: Angry Robot

Publishing Date: June 2016

ISBN: 9780857665683

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4.8/5

Publishers Description: Five refugees from a plague-stricken island cross the continent searching for answers. Instead they find Psander, a wizard whose fortress is invisible to the gods, and who is willing to sacrifice anything – and anyone – to keep the knowledge of the wizards safe. 

Review: Wow, this was crazy good especially when you consider that this is the authors first novel. 

The world building is spectacular and the movement spans different territories while entertaining specific quests along the way. The character development is really well done. Each character has named chapters that give their unique perspective on the traveling entourage and their own internalizations. Add in some wizards, Elfs, a dragon and a few angry Gods and the recipe for great entertainment is complete. I sure hope I get to read more about Narky, Criton, Bandu, Phaedra and Hunter.  GET THIS!