Review: Jacked by Kirk Dougal



Publisher: Ragnarok

Publishing Date: May 2016


Genre: SciFi

Rating: 3.3/5

Publishers Description: He can repair technology just by touching it. That’s a dangerous thing to be in a world after The Crash, an event that left millions dead or little more than empty, mindless shells. In the aftermath, a new regime hunts down technology and destroys machines with ruthless zeal, even executing fixers like Tar.

And Tar has caught their attention.

Review: Surprisingly good post-apoc/YA novel with plenty of movement that carries the characters through a well thought out story line.  Tar is speshul in that he can fix dead tech and eventually runs into trouble with the Black Shirts that want nothing more than to purge every scrap of tech and the people that harbor it. 

While the overall world building was good, there was a heavy reliance on Deus Ex to expedite tense situations. Every escape just happens to have a concealed door or a tech lock that only Tar can operate with his touch sense. The gang that eventually helps them has a moral code and high ethics which works out well for Tar and his friend as, again, it vaults their eventual escape. This might have garnered an easy 4 stars yet was held back by a multitude of miraculous escapes, especially in near death situations. Still, a good short read.

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