Review: The Thief Who Pulled on Trouble’s Braids by M. McClung



Publisher: Ragnarok

Publishing Date: June 2016

ISBN: 9781941987629

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4.4/5

Publishers Description: A nightmare assortment of enemies—including an immortal assassin and a mad sorcerer—believe Amra is in possession of The Blade That Whispers Hate, the legendary, powerful artifact her friend was murdered for. And Amra’s enemies will do anything to take it.  

Review: This is another novel in a series featuring Amra Thetys, a scarred and accomplished thief whom often finds herself at the center of the otherworldly. How am I just learning about this author and this series? I feel like I have lost out on the preceding adventures of Amra that I am on the verge of emailing the author to send preceding copies. Buuuut, that never works as they always ignore my missives. 

The characters are varied and interesting as is the story line that is woven in a fanciful light coupled with the dark and foreboding . This process really drags you into the novel and leaves you wanting more. The magic is not over the top and edges on the practical making the novel more realistic in delivery. I need another heapin’ helpin’ of this series to satisfy my burgeoning craves for a good serial read.

“So why you no give 5 stars!!!?”. Way too many grammatical errors.

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