Review: The Conclave of Shadow (#2) by Alyc Helms



Publisher: Angry Robot

Publishing Date: July 2016

ISBN: 9780857665195

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 1.2/5

Publishers Description: Ever since she saved the spirit guardians of China by selling out to her worst enemy, Missy Masters — a.k.a. the pulp hero Mr. Mystic — has been laying low. But when knights serving the Conclave of Shadow steal secret technology from a museum exhibit on the Argent Aces, everyone looks to Mr. Mystic for help. If Missy doesn’t want her masquerade blown, she’d better track down the thieves, and fast.

Review: Like the first novel, the format generally follows a scrambled story line and extremely boring characters that love themselves more than providing a novel that is just and credible. Every scene is a heightened morass of over-the-top characterization that ultimately leaves a gaping hole in your psyche as it renders every interaction flat and without purpose. Clenching hands, gritting teeth and flashing eyes do not a character make.  Of course every one is beautiful and can become other ” dragon thingies” but since you’re lost in backstory land most of the time while attempting to discern present circumstances, your left with guessing what role is being played and by whom. 

Additionally, phrasing was heavily used to expedite scene development (murmur, murmuring, murmured 24x) as well as shiver, shivered and shivering. 



4 thoughts on “Review: The Conclave of Shadow (#2) by Alyc Helms

  1. Wicked good review… you really captured everything within a paragraph really and that’s art in itself! 🙂

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