Review: Endpoint by Peter Breakspear



Publisher: Troubadour

Publishing Date: August 2016

ISBN: 9781785895906

Genre: Scifi

Rating: 1.2

Publishers Description: At the start of the novel, protagonist Tom is leading a four-man team on the edge of a Welsh valley to find and recover an object that has fallen to Earth. But locating it only heralds the start of an adventure that will take some of the men halfway across the world – from the windswept Welsh valley to Aksum in Ethiopia, the reputed location of the Ark of the Covenant, and the possible end of mankind. 

Review: Well this had a lot of “too-ing and fro-ing” with speshul forces dudes talking, talking, talking and then you’re somewhere else with speshul forces dudes etc.

The prose was stilted to the point of painfulness. There is so much un-needed detail in every scene that it bogs down the movement which renders the suspense fully deflated. There were also no smooth scene transitions, just abrupt jumps from scene details to interactions and dialogue. The character development is non-existent and what is to be expected, occurs, as if to a patterned story board. The ending is also devoid of content/suspense and aches for a salable plot.  

One thought on “Review: Endpoint by Peter Breakspear

  1. Glad you read the book, pity you didn’t like it but there you go. I am pleased with all comment, good or bad. At least I didn’t get a DNF

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