Review: Dead Blossoms by by Richard Monaco


Publisher: Venture

Publishing Date: July 2016

ISBN: 9781300509561

Genre: Fiction

Rating: 3.8/5

Publishers Description: Jiro Tazeko is a ronin samurai – tied to no clan and scorned by many. A hard-drinking mercenary and master swordsman, he is looked down upon by his fellow samurai, thinking him without honor.  

Review: Well I finally made it to the end of a very long and interesting tale of a disgraced samurai whom likes to drink the sake….a lot. This was really good but was flawed with sequencing mistakes and a storyline that sometimes drifted and hopped around. This lack of cogency puts the hard test to the reader to follow along but once you slip into your comfortable shoes, the writing style grows on you.

Tazeko is a wonderfully flawed character that grows and changes through the course of the novel as life impacts him in a myriad of ways. These instances help define the persona and drags the reader along for a sympathetic and jovial ride.

“So why you no give 5 stars!”. At times, the novel had sequencing issues where the story line jumped around and lacked connectedness. In one instance, Tazeko and Yazu are poisoned and Tazeko wakes up in a cemetery but there is no mention of what becomes of Yazu, yet he mysteriously re-appears in the story line.  In another, Tazeko loses his sandals and arrives at his destination barefoot, then proceeds to remove his sandals when he enters the domicile. This disappearance and reappearance of people and items occurs throughout the novel. Still, a riveting novel that gets a solid metric.


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