Review: Transference by R. D. Overby


Publisher: R. D. Overby

Publishing Date: May 2016

ISBN:  9781532843402

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 1.6/5

Publishers Description: Beth is dying. Her father has been funding the science meant to give her a second chance at life, but they have encountered nothing but failure. 

Review: I am not quite sure why this novel received the accolades that it did, but to be fair there are not a lot of reviews on it as of late.

To say this was well written is a given, technically. However the storyline was more boring than a bag of hammers and if given the chance, those said hammers would bludgeon you senseless. You might find yourself wandering the streets in shit stained underwear asking yourself in Byrne “How did I get here?”. The pseudo-science is hokey. They can transfer consciousness into another body but really don’t know how they do it. The mystery is dumb and makes no sense because really, why would anyone do that. And it all takes place in a boring hospital. The character development is woefully absent and while some of the characters change, the abruptness of that change does not coincide with patterns built prior. So, all of a sudden you’re a psycho when throughout the novel we were privy to your inner ruminations that hinted at none of this? Not likely. The ending leaves this vague big brother impression upon the reader where no one is safe from the diabolical MEMORY CHANGERS, MUAHAHAHA!!!! 

So the author is working on finishing the second novel in this series. Really? A series? Anywaaay, this novel or better yet, the next novel needs a big story line reset. Even a good infusion of movement tied to the characters would develop an interesting shift. Embracing different places outside the jaundiced and sterile walls of a research clinic would also elevate this series out of the mundane.


6 thoughts on “Review: Transference by R. D. Overby

  1. Psycho killer, qu’est-ce que c’est? Gawd, I love your rant reviews so much ❤

  2. I will draft in your wake….

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