Review: Captain Sinbad by Graham Diamond


Publisher: Venture Press

Publishing Date: August 2016 (1980)

ISBN: 9781419681813

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 3.4/5

Publishers Description: Nearly two centuries before Marco Polo’s travels to Cathay, there lived in the fabled city of Baghdad the famed rogue and adventurer Sinbad. 

Review:  Lord Flasheart: ” I like the hair” thrusts hips, ” It gives me something to hang onto”. “Oi Nursey, I like it firm and fruity, WOOF!”. “She’s got the tongue like an electric eel and likes the taste of a man’s tonsils”.  Like Black Adder’s Lord Flasheart, Sinbad is a roguish womanizer with a heart of gold.  Soon after losing his fiancé’ to the evil Sultan, he has sex with 5 women along the way and multiple offers to bed others. Although he enjoys himself with the most beautiful women his heart belongs to one. Nice recovery Batman. 

My self-loathing was at an all time high, as I found myself enjoying every second of buckles being swashed upon the desert sands while plying nubile bodies on the high seas. While every woman encountered is more beautiful than the last and each adventure exceeds believability, I was still firmly rooted in a broad, world-building tapestry. 

Sinbad was written to appeal to our sense of the unattainable while measuring out doses of thinly veiled desire. “Shagging on the high seas while fending off Amazon women pirates en route to the Pillars of Hercules? Fug yea!!” The movement is expertly coupled to the characterization and adding established characters on a grand quest mitigates the need to build them from the ground up. Very smart writing. 

Dig in, throw discernment out the door and have a little fun.

3 thoughts on “Review: Captain Sinbad by Graham Diamond

  1. Brilliant… I want to read this… are these quotes from the book? The tonsil stuff and holding on to hair? 😀 blimey, sounds fun…

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