Review: Jubal Van Zandt and the Revenge of the Bloodslinger by Eden Hudson


Publisher: Shadow Alley Press

Publishing Date: October 2016

ISBN: 4471369925215

Genre: SciFi/Fantasy

Rating: 4.7/5

Publishers Description: Narcissist, sociopath, and shameless backstabber Jubal Van Zandt is the best damn thief in the history of the Revived Earth…and he won’t shut up about it. But not everybody in the swampy, soggy, feudal future approves of Jubal’s vocation. The Guild—the religious fanatics who helped rebuild civilization after the collapse—in particular are waiting for their opportunity to slip the noose around his neck.

Review: Fuk me Agnes this was good. You know how long its been since I laughed out loud while reading a novel? A very loooooong time. All of the characters fall off the pages and into your lap and while they are engrossing, the world building is epic as is the weird shjt that resides on them. The movement is constant and envelops this glib rhetoric that is Jubal. The only downside was that it was too short and the ending was fooked. Still, I cannot wait for the next installment. Lots O’ fun!!

6 thoughts on “Review: Jubal Van Zandt and the Revenge of the Bloodslinger by Eden Hudson

  1. This review rocks out loud, koeur! You’re awesome!

  2. You are a rare talent, enjoyable to read.

  3. So nice to see you find books you truly enjoy 😀

  4. That ending, right? ARRGG!!! 😉

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