Review: Wreckers Gate by Eric T. Knight


Publisher: Knightwriters

Publishing Date: September 2011

ISBN: 9781537776521

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 3.3/5

Publishers Description: Survivors of an ambush flee into a lifeless desert, where they are lured underground and find a strange relic embedded in a massive, ancient wall. One removes the relic, not realizing that he has just cracked a prison built to hold something even the gods fear. Now something poisonous is leaking into the world. Diseases and monsters ravage the land. In the midst of the chaos an immortal stranger appears, claiming that only he can save the world. With nowhere else to turn, they accept his help, but the weapons he offers are dangerous and uncontrollable and his motives may not be what they seem. And even he is not prepared for what will emerge from the prison…

Review: Lots O’ fence straddlers in reviewlandia on this one. I am gonna hop up there also and say; while Part 1 had all the elements that make up a great novel (character development, world building, movement etc.), part 2 was a fooking boring mess. After reading part 2, I would rather have fallen anus first into a dick patch (e.H.). “Waaah, you don’t like me…..murmur, sigh…..murmur….” fug. Dialogue heavy and Netra. Oh Netra. Not only was your estranged mommy Super speshul with sugar on top, you are even more speshul because you wander around not knowing exactly how you did or do miraculous things. Oh, and the name Netra sounds like an erectile dysfunction drug, except reading about her makes you go limp.

Well anywaaay, Netra is off into the wilds finding out how more speshul she is than others, because well, like part 1, part 2 demands a conflicted hero. At the end of the day, I will read the second in the series because the writing is skillful and perhaps the characters that fell short will shift and grow with an accelerated pace, not wallowing in mournful, narcissistic dialogue. The publishers description is misleading as the weapons of destruction are never found and used and there really is no outright conflict between good and evil. And what is with the title? Where is this “Wreckers Gate”. Shjt, where is there even one gate? The only gate I remember is in a diseased town with a bored guard sitting next to it, drunk. 



4 thoughts on “Review: Wreckers Gate by Eric T. Knight

  1. Another priceless review 😉

  2. 😀 hahahahaha… you have a way with words… I wish I could write review like you… brilliant as always!

  3. If you do continue reading, you’ll find out that it is Netra’s belief that she is special that leads to all the terrible things she does. Finally, in order to do what needs to be done, she has to let go of that belief. (Mini-rant: I can’t bear to read yet another fantasy where the hero is the “chosen one” who has some super ability just because of an accident of birth. It’s a way overdone trope and cheap storytelling.) Anyway, thanks for reading.

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