Review: The Catcher’s Trap by Ricardo Henriquez


Publisher: Inkshares

Publishing Date: November 2016

ISBN: 9781942645047

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 2.4/5

Publishers Description: Andres never lived up to his potential. While young, handsome and smart, his life-long struggle with anxiety turned him into a recluse, afraid to step out of his comfort zone. That is, until the night he is kidnapped — seized into an alternate universe and sold into slavery.

Review: This was a bizarre take on not-hell, scribed by a suicidal introvert whom has flashes of heroism in the face of desperation. Sound contradictory? Well it did to me. How is it that a life-long crying, introverted, socially retarded, suicidal bisexual suddenly has bouts of defiance against impossible odds? Andres continually risks his life and/or being tortured for people he has no connection with while in his previous life he would figuratively hide from his own shadow. You would think that after being kidnapped and immediately tortured for days/weeks that he would be catatonic, at the least. Well having never been tortured with a flail and being branded, what do I know. 

If you are willing to accept Andres’ storyline and suspend your disbelief for a few hours, you will be entertained. Not much happens except for more torture, beatings and slave killing. In between the beating and killing the novel is padded with lengthy dialogue between Andres, Roman and Claudia within the confines of a dungeon like prison. Throughout most of the novel you find yourself rooting for the little shjt yet the retribution on a grand scale never transpires. The setup in this novel serves mainly as a bridge to successive novels in a series, so you won’t get the resolution that you are hoping for.

This novel had good technical writing yet the story line suffered as it wallowed in it’s own juices for too long. ‘Insisting upon itself’ is the best way to describe it.  World building was limited to the “Mist”, which is basically another dimensional place with fields and a castle.  If not for the drawn out story line, and easy 4 stars.

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