Review: Jerusalem Fire by Rebecca Meluch



Publisher: DAW

Publishing Date:  December 2016 (1985)

ISBN: 9780756412203

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 4.3/5

Publishers Description: The captain was a notorious rebel runner. To most of the known galaxy he was a legend without a face, to the rest, a face without a name. He was called Alihahd. “He left.” It was the word Na’id enforcers heard when they demanded to know where the rebel had gone—always one step ahead—as if he knew his enemy very well. Hero, villain, coward. Three times a legend on both sides of the same war. 

Review: The publishers description and the cover do not even remotely describe or resemble this novel.  This was more about the internal struggles of a man coping with a past while residing on an alien planet within an alien culture. The aliens take up a large portion of the story line, and a particular human whom has embraced the alien path and discarded humanity.  The writing is unique in that there are gaps in the human and alien interactions that leaves you wanting for resolution. It forces you to let go and move on, much like life. While the ‘why’s’ are tumbling around your head, the world building, while in a specific place, embraces a descriptive narrative that pulls you into that alien world. The character development is exemplary and builds well with the movement. 

“So why you no give 5 stars?”. There were quite a few holes in the story line that were never filled or adequately explained. When Alihahd wrecks in space and is picked up by a swashbuckling rebel, he is drunk. How does he drink a bottle of wine while in a  vacuum sealed spacesuit? Also it is never even mentioned why the rebel picked him up, floating in space or how in the heck he even knew he was there, let alone finding a planet that has been lost for 2,000 years. Why did a rabbit eared alien, all of a sudden start chewing on Alihahd’s  leg? Did his past catch up with him?  Who are the familiars, what is their purpose and where do they come from? This novel poses a lot of questions that may never be answered. Still, really well done SciFi.

6 thoughts on “Review: Jerusalem Fire by Rebecca Meluch

  1. Yay, a winner read! 🙂

    On a more serious note- do you believe in aliens? 😉

  2. You can send them over to me as well ^^

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