Review: The Ballad of Elva and Chester by Adrian Archangelo



Publisher: Wildblue Press

Publishing Date: November 2016

ISBN: 9781942266679

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 1.6/5

Publishers Description: Elva and Chester are space aliens who look like humans but have been on Earth since the year 1100 with the goal of helping humanity develop more empathy and compassion. (The rest of the beings in the galaxy don’t want us flying around out there until we do.) The duo have no human habits to contend with, but they are extraordinarily responsive to chocolate and hold it in special regard. However, Elva and Chester find human behavior baffling, and continually see their plans twisted by human responses.

Review: This was really dumb. The storyline tries too hard to follow in the steps of Douglas Adams but never really reaches the absurd where that type of writing needs to be. Elva and Chester are not believable as characters, because after about 1,000 years they have not changed and are still pretty ignorant about humans. So we go back in time, with them and their overlords to review all of their blunders throughout history. YAY!

Well how to fix this. The author has some great wit and insight that is pretty funny but is ruined by Elva and Chester blundering around like blind puppies. Focus on the observational wit, make our two aliens either completely absurd or at the very least, embracing growth through temporal experience. They are not robots because they are alien so throw out the one dimensionality and you might have a fun novel.


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