Review: The Golden Gate by Robert Buettner



Publisher: Baen

Publishing Date:

ISBN: 9781476781907

Genre: SciFi

Rating: DNF

Publishers Description: An exciting future thriller from nationally best-selling author of the Orphan’s Legacy science fiction saga. A face-off with killers in order to guard a secret that could change humanity forever.

Review: It wasn’t that this novel was more boring than Coldplay, hospital beds and Henry Kissinger, it was the dialogue that hampered every interaction with infused mannerisms. Yet, if you have followed my reviews, you may know by now that I loathe the over-use of expediters and word choices. At the top of the word choice list sits “actually”. You hear it every day with bearded millennials attempting to be smart and taken seriously for their uniqueness while wearing the same clothes; like knit caps, satchels, Clark Kent glasses and jean pencil pants (with the cuff rolled up). In this world of knowitall-isms the dire need to preface every response with “actually” will begin to erode your fore-brain until you’re found spastically retching or sawing at your wrist with a butter knife.  “Wow, he said ‘actually’, he must be really smart so we should stop and listen closer?, harder?”.

Well, anyhoo, this blighted work almost beat the record for the use of actually (I think the record is 100+) but came in sole possession of second place with an astounding 65+. Read this while churning goats milk with a coat hanger.

2 thoughts on “Review: The Golden Gate by Robert Buettner

  1. you think Coldplay is boring? 😂

    nice summary of bearded millenials! lol

  2. Well, Gwyneth Paltrow and all…………

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