Review: Guardian by Joe Haldeman


Publisher: Open Road

Publishing Date: October 2016 (2002)

ISBN: 9781504039598

Genre: Historical Fiction / SciFi?

Rating: 1.7/5

Publishers Description: Sent from her Georgia home to Philadelphia to escape the carnage of the Civil War, Rosa Coleman studied astronomy and mathematics, ultimately settling into a new life as the wife of a wealthy man and mother of young Daniel. But when she discovers an unforgiveable secret about her reprobate husband, Rosa takes the boy and flees to the West on a desperate escape that takes them from Dodge City to San Francisco one step ahead of the Pinkertons hired to bring them back home.

Review: Man, this was some boring ass shjt. More like historical fiction told from a first person POV with an alternate reality ending. I really want to jump on the Joe Haldeman bus because I feel left out, or stoopid for not getting why everyone thinks he is so great. I have not liked any of his novels so far but things are looking up with Forever Free. Read this while scab farming.

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