Review: Forever Free by Joe Haldeman


Publisher: Open Road

Publishing Date: September 2016 (1999)

ISBN: 9781504039574

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 2.4/5

Publishers Description: Offered the choice of retaining his individuality or becoming part of the genetically modified shared Human hive-mind, Mandella chose exile, joining other veterans of the Forever War seeking a new life on a wasteland world they called Middle Finger.

Review: Why they keep re-publishing old crap is beyond me. Why not republish Ringworld or Red Limit Freeway or the Hobart Floyt series? At least you will get some bang for your buck.  This was probably the best novel I have read from this author, although it is infused with his wifes presence (Marygay) in the storyline which has become a bit vain and over-used in presentation. 

A banished veteran remnant resides on a planet where they eke out an existence under the hive minded aliens and Humans. Dick brain and Merry Gayness decide one day to be self-centered and hijack a ship, flee at the speed of light and come back in 40,000 years in hopes that their overlords are gone. Just think about the holes in that theory and you will wonder why anyone would consider it. Forget that they really don’t care what their kids do, as long as their desires are fulfilled.

Anaywaaay, the novel (like other novels in this author’s world) devolves into this incomprehensible finish that shifts suddenly from hard science fiction to something verging on comedic fantasy. I don’t really want to know how the author arrives at these endings but it is fun to guess. Brain fart? Ummmm, big ending compensation for middling story line? Creative universal take on life that fits no established understanding of physics. Fairy’s are fun?  Earth aliens are easy? Well anyhoo, have fun (or not) with this. I did a little bit but not a lot.

One thought on “Review: Forever Free by Joe Haldeman

  1. scifi rarely delivers for you, eh? It is a rare gem that seems to go right down you alley… but it must be entertaining to write these reviews! They sure are entertaining to read! 😀

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