Review: The Sister Paradox by Jack Campbell


Publisher: eSpec

Publishing Date:  February 2017

ISBN: 9781942990406

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 2.0/5

Publishers Description: Liam is his parents’ only child, and that’s just fine with him. Until the day the sister-he-never-had shows up at school. Just to make it worse, the sword-wielding Kari tells him they have an important quest to complete. And that’s how Liam finds himself dragged into another world, facing basilisks and unicorns, cursed objects, elves, and even a dragon, all magical and dangerous, but none more so than the sister he didn’t have until that morning. A sister who turns out to be quite good with her sword, and ready to use it when faced with things like a dragon as long as her brother is at her side.

Review: I am not sure that teens would find this entertaining (especially with that cover art), as the characters embark on a quest to recover some scattered items from Liam’s universe. Throughout the quest there was never a sense that Liam was in any real danger as the storyline is built upon his ultimate success. What we get is a string of near misses and deuce ex events that render the storyline bland while hoping it gets interesting while on their way to winning the day. This lack of tension makes getting through the novel a bit of a slog. The backstory of Kari (Liam’s sister) is brief and lacks emotive content which fails to evoke any empathy.  Liam’s patterned and glib responses are predictably redundant and detracts from the story line. What we get is a ho-hum journey through a magical land with a smart-ass and some mildly interesting stops.


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