Review: Dominion By D.A. Hewitt


Publisher: Double Dragon eBooks

Publishing Date: October 2016

ISBN: 9781771153393

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 2.5/5

Publishers Description: Dominion Off-Earth Resources has beaten the competition into space and is ready to establish its monopoly with the opening of the orbiting space resort Dominion. But Pettit Space Industries has a secret plan to emerge as a major contender in the commercialization of space. The upstart company is training the first space rescue squad at a secluded off-grid site in Barrow, Alaska.

Review:  Parts of this book were pretty good in that it carries a message about the deeper understanding of self, presented in Jungian fashion. A lot can be garnered from relinquishing the mind/ego/identity and enabling an awareness of being.

“SO WHY YOU NO GIVE 5 STARS!!”.  Well, the main characters sucked. Dipshjt, er Jess is a rich myopic, self-centered debutante that is a genius at everything. Her daddy owns a space conglomerate and when not being idolized by the common folk she is fighting for truth and justice. Douche, er Dougie is a LONER (dun, dun dun) and is also fooking speshul as his daddy owns Pettit Space.  “Oh, what will they do when they finally find each other?” Well of course they do and Dougie dumps his Russian GF like a half-dead raccoon. But that’s ok, as its true love.  What an asshole.  These two ruin the whole novel with their me, me, me routine. Kind of opposite to being fully aware and in the moment. But hey wtf do I know.  They pissed me off so much that not counting the grammatical issues, their antics dropped my review from 4.8 to 2.8.

Get this for the deeper message imparted not the characters pretending to live it.


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