Review: Slingshot by Robert G. Williscroft


Publisher: Self

Publishing Date: May 2016

ISBN: 9781533214416

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 2.3/5

Publishers Description: Slingshot is a mystery – about a missing aviatrix, a conspiracy, a true-believer. Slingshot is an adventure – about following a dream, the ocean-deep, outer space. Slingshot is about constructing the first space launch-loop stretching 2,600 km between Baker and Jarvis Islands in the Equatorial Pacific. It’s about high finance, intrigue, unlimited ambition, heroism, fanaticism, betrayal…and about opening space to the common person.

Review: Ah, smugness where is they sting? Margot: Hot and sexy-smart with gumption, perky nipples and blushes galore. Klaus: The boisterous German giant with a glint in his eyes and a taste for beer and blonde women. Alex: Super engineer with dashing good looks, brilliant insight and a penchant for adorable leadership. Mabel: Genius program manager whom can multi-task simultaneously while solving every problem while looking at snow capped mountains. With hot and sexy young marauders sabotaging their buoy lines and hot and sexy reporters wanting exclusive rights to the story and their naughty bits, Slingshot is a tale that rams home the idea that engineering is not for nerds anymore.

Everyone on this crew is just oh so fucking perfect and speshul. The constant love/lust interests is a common theme that begins a pedantic downturn about half way through. Sex pot reporter, Lori is in just about every scene constantly attempting to seduce anyone within spitting distance. And how they let an eco-terrorist escape multiple times and make multiple attempts at sabotage is just not believable.  Mabel constantly looks at “The snow covered peaks of Mt. St. Helens/Olympics/Rainier” from her Seattle office. Only you can’t see Mt. St. Helens from Seattle. Coffee is also over-used as a smugness vehicle for our horny heroes. The capper to this bag of assembled words is Mabel’s infatuation and adoration of Dixie Lee Ray. Really? I mean, fooking really? D. L. Ray was and still is, the worst Washington State Governor ever. With her failed programs, policies and management, she left a residue which still taints a once proud state. Policies that include rampant urban growth, docking super tankers in Puget Sound, dumping radioactive waste in the sea, and dismissing the need to clean up the radioactive Hanford site or most of industrial Puget Sound. Weird coming from a biologist, eh?

If you like novels that are extremely formulaic and were written with a movie deal in mind, then Cumsh….er, Slingshot is the novel for you. 

3 thoughts on “Review: Slingshot by Robert G. Williscroft

  1. Thank you! 😀 this review made me laugh, I’m surprised for so high rating because sounded more like 1 star

  2. Hahahaha, super entertaining review! As always of course.. but… 5 stars! 😉

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