Review: Betrayal: A Red Dog Thriller


Publisher: Blou Bryant

Publishing Date: October 2016

ISBN: 9781535261319

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 1.8/5

Publishers Description: Transformed by a rogue AI and attacked by an evil oligarch, Wyatt has been forced into hiding for three years. His ability to alter the genetic code of others, to heal and harm, has been nothing but a curse to him. When most of the Red Dogs that have sheltered him are kidnapped, he has no choice but to rejoin society and fight to free them. All that stands in his way is a gang of drug dealers, the Detroit Police, his old nemesis Jessica and her psychotic drug using Watchers.

Review: The first book in this series, “Catalyst” was pretty good. Wyatt was thrust into a scenario as a high schooler without a lick of world experience and you were left tumbling around the storyline with him. In “Betrayal”, Wyatt and his band of misfits (Red Dogs) are just a little too good to be true. The visceral tenacity of the characters that was wholly evident in the first novel is absent in this installment. 

Wyatt has become this reluctant leader/hero and is a bit too altruistic for my tastes. The twins are frickin’ speshul and don’t deliver a dynamic impact as intimated throughout the novel. Telling everyone how badass and special they are does not a character make. The fight scenes are poorly manufactured and just do not make sense most of the time.  They are long and drawn out and because of this they lack believability. At one point Criggs is shooting at Wyatt as he runs across a field in pursuit. Wyatt is not sure how many bullets are in the clip and panic ensues when Criggs keeps pulling on the trigger to the sound of an empty chamber. Are semi-automatic pistols now double action or do revolvers now have clips? Is this some sort of futuristic gun that was never defined adequately?

Jessica, the evil hottie with an ariticial intelligence super-imposed upon her psyche, is now this Uber rich weirdo that plays games from a distance. I missed the fupped up psychopath that was always directly in Wyatts’ face with her creepy mannerisms.

Like most promising series, the authors start veering away from what made them popular and reside in the formulaic safe-zone. As this was a big disappointment from the first novel, I may skip any subsequent novels in this series.


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