Review: Deathknight by Andrew J. Offutt


Publisher: Endeavour Press

Publishing Date: December 2016/1990

ISBN: 9780441141593

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 3.5 /5

Publishers Description: When Knights of the Order are Killed, Falc must bring justice and seek revenge on the brutal murderer. With an unlikely companion, Falc ventures across the land to seek vengeance. HIs task is a difficult one, but will Falc uncover the truth and protect the Order?

Review: This is a work that is being republished 16 years after the first publication. While I don’t mind reviewing earlier novels, I would rather read and review what is currently trending. However, since it landed on my reader I am forced to wade through a rather misogynistic storyline in hopes of finding something compelling.  Initially my thoughts on this were biased, based on a couple of reviews. Stated issues include: too many characters and names that it was hard to track, contrived words without descriptors and lack of maps etc. While the only thing that bothered me was the high brow buffoonery, I quite enjoyed this novel.

Falc is weird. But more like assassin-monk weird with a penchant for ritualized dressing and young girls. He’s badass but not undefeatable. Jinnery is this wirey prune of a girl that was a street orphan used to plying men for paid services. This unlikely duo traipse across the storyline re-inventing themselves along the way. There is a conspiracy afoot and beneath it all, a hinted at ancient civilization where technology is still secretly utilized.

It is too bad that this is a stand alone novel as there were so many unanswered questions as well as the interesting epilogue that hints of a greater unveiling. A novel not to be taken seriously, but to have fun reading.  

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