Review: The Hangman’s Daughter by Gavin G. Smith


Publisher: Orion

Publishing Date: January 2017

ISBN: 9781473217263

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 4.7/5

Publishers Description: Four hundred years in the future, the most dangerous criminals are kept in suspended animation aboard prison ships and “rehabilitated” in a shared virtual reality environment. But Miska Storrow, a thief and hacker with a background in black ops, has stolen one of these ships, the Hangman’s Daughter, and made it her own. Controlled by explosive collars and trained in virtual reality by the electronic ghost of a dead marine sergeant, the thieves, gangsters, murderers, and worse are transformed into Miska’s own private indentured army: the Bastard Legion. Are the mercenaries just for fun and profit, or does Miska have a hidden purpose connected to her covert past? 

Review: This was a scifi novel like no other. Really good world building, inventive story line and well developed characters made for some late night reading.

Miska is a sociopath with a heart of gold. She is at once willing to kill anything (especially sex offense criminals) but draws the line at children….maybe? This morally vague character imbues the novel with a sense of hilarity while at the same time giving you pause at her untenable actions. To say that she grows with the movement is a bit like hoping your old dog will stop pissing in the house. Her moral shifts for the good only align with her self-interests and if it happens to coincide with doing the right thing then “yay for me!”.

The future tech, especially the weaponry, is fabulous as are the multitude of human mods that blanket the story line. I can’t wait for the next in the Bastard Legion series in hopes that this becomes a full blown space opera. Bravo Gavin, well done.

2 thoughts on “Review: The Hangman’s Daughter by Gavin G. Smith

  1. Ah, a sociopath with a heart of gold is such an enigma! Love it… Glad you enjoyed the book 🙂

  2. Thank you for the review! Much appreciated.

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