Review: Passages by Laurel Wanrow


Publisher: Sprouting Star

Publishing Date: January 2017

ISBN: 9781943469079

Genre: SciFi/Romance

Rating: 1.1/5

Publishers Description: For decades, Eve and her fellow electorgs—part human, part machine—have worked on the quiet planet of Aarde, beating back toxic spores that threaten to poison the native people. When the new commander halts work right before a deadly spore release, Eve frantically plots to protect the villagers she considers friends and family.

Review: Whoa! Way too many alien naming conventions that do not make sense without the proper background. You will be left wandering  the grammatical desert groping for a shade of reasoning. The confusion only lasts a bit until your mind can iron out the details that make up part of the world building. Much of the storyline’s impact is lost due to this malfunction.

 Soooo, why don’t I give a shjt what happens to our two fawning and lovestruck heros? Is it because Eve is super speshul or that Quinn in his befuddled, handsome state, always solves catastrophic events as if he were Dues ex Machina himself? If both of these characters particles got scattered and lost while jumping, I would happily close the book and start another, preferably one with better character development.  For a novel with real promise it quickly got bogged down with intense dialogue, romance and a plot that makes no sense. Why people live on a planet with deadly spores, a ruling class and a dominate alien race that placed them there (while seemingly benevolent cause who doesn’t like a nice doggie?) makes no sense when there is supposedly a whole galaxy from which to occupy.

Besides being more boring than a bag of walnuts, this was a hard sell for me as two strangers sole focus (when not looking for a box) is spent thinking about boning each other. I think if I read “…his chocolate brown eyes.” one more time, I was going to throw my reader against the wall. 

One thought on “Review: Passages by Laurel Wanrow

  1. *gasp* you don’t really mean a bag of walnuts is boring? 😀 ha… sorry this book didn’t work out for you… as I said in an alternate ‘book universe’ the chocolate brown eyes would freak me out, as well.

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