Review: The Longest Con by Bill Patterson

Publisher: Argus

Publishing Date: February 2017

ISBN:  4470990979501

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 3.0/5

Publishers Description: Aphrodite Station, circling Venus, crosses behind the Sun every year and a half or so. Only then could the longest of con jobs be executed. In 2144, a young group of buncos who call themselves ‘Coffey’s Conners’ are out to show their con-artist parents that they are mature enough to form their own crew. But the game the parents have in mind, ‘The Wire’, has not been pulled off in at least a century. With Aphrodite Station on the far side of the Sun, Coffey’s Conners are beyond help, beyond hope if things go wrong. If they get caught, the consequences are no further than the nearest airlock. 

Review: This was a really short novel er, novella? As a consequence the story line was compressed and the movement, a constant. With these novellas the characters usually get the short stick in terms of development. Emotive responses and character flaws are usually over the top and hardly believable. In this case the characters are interesting and highly plausible. This would have been a great novel if drawn out to a grand conclusion with many disparate spokes in the grifting wheel. Would have also better developed the characters that were interesting.

I never give a really good novella a higher rating than 3 due to the compressed format. I still would like to see this author’s expanded universe should he sit down long enough to write a NOVEL.

2 thoughts on “Review: The Longest Con by Bill Patterson

  1. Thank you for your review of my work. I appreciate the feedback.

    The Longest Con was written as an entry for The 3 Day Novel Contest (, and so was, of necessity, really a novella. Since most long con grifts are, of necessity, a get-in and get-out sort of affair, the novella form is really the best frame for this kind of story. But I have no doubt that there will be a novel in the Family of Grifters world, and when there is, I’ll make sure you know.

    Again, thank you for your review.

  2. Look forward to your grafting universe.

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