Review: Chipped by David Olansky

Publisher: Booklogix

Publishing Date: February 2017

ISBN: 9781610057417

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 2.6/5

Publishers Description: What if there were a way to become faster, stronger, smarter, better? To achieve every task you’ve ever set your mind to? What if you could finally reach your ideal weight, master any language, or kick that one bad habit that’s been standing in your way—all at the cost of a chip in your brain. With the advent of a revolutionary neurosurgical procedure, the Chipped Program represents all the potential that humanity can achieve—for better and for worse.

Review: If I was a publisher seeking to rebrand this concept, I would first call it “The Burgeoning”. Except it never reaches fruition but rather languishes in an oratory state of incompletion. This compounded narrative that discusses and explains every nuance of chip technology wears on the reader because it is constant and subsumes the entirety of the novel. There are instances where you can breath free of the cloying narrative and endless dialogue but those moments are fleeting.

The opening chapters hook you because the social commentary has some funny moments. The humor soon seems forced and is lacking in brevity. There is a distinct and glaring absence of movement that leaves every character flatter than a roadside squirrel. Because of this, emotional outbursts and over-the-top personalities are used as development vehicles.

While the writing is good and thought provoking, it just wasn’t for me. I would have rated this work really low (1 star), but to be fair I think there is a larger audience that will enjoy it.

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