Review: Waking Gods by Sylvain Neuvel

Publisher: Random House

Publishing Date: April 2017

ISBN: 9781101886724

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 3.0/5

Publishers Description: As a child, Rose Franklin made an astonishing discovery: a giant metallic hand, buried deep within the earth. As an adult, she’s dedicated her brilliant scientific career to solving the mystery that began that fateful day: Why was a titanic robot of unknown origin buried in pieces around the world? Years of investigation have produced intriguing answers—and even more perplexing questions. But the truth is closer now than ever before when a second robot, more massive than the first, materializes and lashes out with deadly force.

Review: I really want to like this series as the writing is really good. It is that dam interview format that rears its head, again, in this robotic installment of a future Earth.

Much like Sleeping Giants, this novel was steeped in heavy dialogue with a sometimes rapid fire exchange without embellishment. This style made for easier reading rather than trudging through the “He said/She mumbled/said softly” phrasing expediters. In the end, I am again ambivalent about this series, yet I have high hopes that the author will connect with the populace in a more visceral way.

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